4 ways to boost automotive marketing with real-time 3D technology

The automotive sector is known as a first adopter of new technologies. Many OEMs have had online vehicle configurators for quite some time. So what’s next? Let’s look at a few other ways automotive companies are using Unity’s real-time 3D technology to drive sales and marketing programs.

Expand the configurator experience

This presentation from a recent Unity Creator Day features an innovative virtual reality luxury car configurator created by Turi Cacciatore, multidisciplinary designer and developer at VirQube.

Tapping into the requirement for luxury automotive marketing to embody the brand values, Turi’s configurator focuses on providing an outstanding end-user experience. This is achieved by delivering the experience using a cutting-edge virtual reality platform as well as including realistic materials, intuitive controls, and end-product-accurate assets.

Adopting a combination of geometry optimization for streamlining and high-definition rendering to ensure true-to-life materials and environment, Turi delivers an immersive virtual in-car experience that has intuitive controls and is an accurate representation of the options available for the model.

Jump to 09:00 to see Turi Cacciatore’s virtual reality car configurator.

Elevate test drives with mixed reality

NXRT’s METARIDE is the world’s first mixed reality test drive solution that uses real cars as simulators. The system combines hardware and software to provide a unique way for customers to test and explore a vehicle without leaving the dealership.

The mixed reality experience projects a virtual environment onto the windshield and side windows, and overlays the vehicle interior with additional information. The customer can see their own hands, the passengers, and the whole interior of the vehicle while “driving” in a virtual world. The vehicle can simulate different scenarios using various vehicle features. For example, a customer can test advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), including those designed for high-risk situations like the emergency brake assist. This enables the customer to discover the latest vehicle technologies, features, and designs in an interactive, safe, and unique way.

Several OEMs and dealerships are already embracing the METARIDE technology. What’s more, the uses expand beyond the showroom into collaborative design review, R&D, training, trade shows, and launch events.

Metaride combines software and hardware to provide a unique test drive experience.

Bring digital product catalogs to life

Brose Group used Unity’s real-time 3D technology to create a 3D digital asset library, helping them achieve reduced marketing content creation costs, decreased content production time, and increased customer engagement. Their digital asset library empowered sales and marketing teams in several ways:

  • Boost sales enablement: The Brose sales team has access to an accurate, up-to-date 3D product catalog to view and share product details and variations, which supports real-time sales conversations.
  • Streamline marketing content creation: They minimized the costly process of producing marketing content images via third parties and expensive onsite photoshoots. The Brose marketing team has instant access to a complete library of visual assets for their entire product catalog.
  • Set up virtual showrooms: Brose created a real-time 3D environment to display their product catalog. Visitors are hosted around the showroom, where they can explore product models and access information.

Brose’s 3D Digital Asset Management system is a comprehensive product catalog.

Launch marketing campaigns faster

Volkswagen uses real-time 3D to deliver a range of marketing experiences, from rendering millions of images in real-time for website car configurators globally, to creating mobile apps showcasing vehicles in augmented reality.

Volkswagen collaborated with Katana Studio and Unity to produce a new campaign video for the 2020 Volkswagen ID.4 EV, the automaker’s first fully electric SUV. The teams used Unity to create a virtual production with the ID.4’s manufacturing data and authored a 45-second advertising spot. The short film fuses together rendered car interiors, exteriors, and environments with shot patterns and angles that would have been impossible to achieve using a live camera production.

Real-time 3D provides a method of creating content faster and highlighting product features in a way that conventional videography cannot.

Highlighting the power of real-time 3D in this campaign video

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