Tools for VFX Compositing

Introducing Eddy and Deep Comp

Unity acquired the legendary creative technology behind Wētā to make these tools available to creators anywhere.

Thanks for your patience while we achieve this.

We’re happy to announce today that Eddy (v2.9) is now commercially available for Nuke, and we’re also releasing Deep Comp Tools (v0.5 beta).

You can request both or either of these via the form.

Eddy for Nuke

Eddy is a plug-in for simulating gaseous phenomena; to work quickly and interactively with smoke, fire, mist, breath, explosions and similar gaseous fluid sims during compositing.

Eddy is compatible with Nuke v12.x and v13.x, and is available for both Windows and Linux.

A beta version of Eddy (v3.0), with significant new features, will also be made available to existing users from April ‘23.

More about Eddy (below).

Deep Compositing Tools

A comprehensive bundle of 80+ deep compositing nodes for Nuke, built and developed at Wētā, and used in the production of multiple renowned and award-winning feature films and shows.

Deep Comp Tools (beta) for Nuke is currently available for Linux only.

Use the form to request beta access.

More about Deep Comp Tools (below).

About Eddy

Written entirely on the GPU, Eddy sets a new standard for solving complex VFX simulation and rendering challenges in-shot, enabling previously impossible workflows without the need for simulation or lighting changes back up the pipeline.


Eddy overview:

  • Full deep data output.
  • Written entirely on the GPU.
  • Optimized scripting language.
  • Extensive C and Python API.
  • Physically based volume renderer.
  • Interactive simulation and rendering.
  • Volumetric Rendering.
  • Automatic caching of simulation data.
  • Windows or Linux OS, Nvidia CUDA compatible GPU required with 8gb VRAM minimum recommended.

About Deep Comp Tools

Deep compositing utilizes additional per-pixel image data alongside standard RGBA to enable adding and placement of objects in 3D space during compositing, for realistic results and rapid iteration in the shot context; without the need for re-rendering and clean-up.

“Deep Comp Tools” is now available via closed beta to studios and VFX professionals.

Register your interest in Deep Comp (beta) via the form above.

“With the ability to take advantage of such a fast GPU solver, the ability to iterate your sims to get the look you’re after is finally possible in a compositor’s hands.”

“Now the compositor can finally spend time to get an element to share the same lighting direction, density, and tonality of the rest of the shot. To be able to share the same HDRIs as lighting to integrate our own smoke stacks, render out our own AOVs and really get a specific look for our volumes, that help to integrate them into the shot at the comp level is truly liberating.

We can now provide art directed volumes that sit in each unique plate we’re provided, at a fraction of the cost of going through all of the different departments. Digital Domain has a strong history of creating outstanding visual effects for hundreds of films including blockbusters Avengers: Infinity War, Thor: Ragnarok; SpiderMan: Homecoming; and Beauty & The Beast, and with the help of Eddy, we can now provide even more to our clients for less.”

— John Brennick – Senior VFX Compositor at Digital Domain on Eddy for Nuke
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