How The Chinese Room launched the exceptional Little Orpheus

Little Orpheus has been hailed as “one of the best things to come out of Apple Arcade.” But bringing the complex and dynamic game to life posed significant technical and artistic challenges. U.K.-based studio The Chinese Room Interactive partnered with Unity to meet these challenges head on, and in the process created what one reviewer called “one of the grandest adventures you can experience on mobile.”

Download this case study to how the Chinese Room:

  • Relied on Cinemachine to rapidly build and iterate the story and effortlessly blend animations and transitions
  • Used ProBuilder’s modeling and level design capabilities to collaborate and iterate directly within the Unity Editor
  • Unlocked creativity for artists and designers to contribute and polish assets without needing to involve programmers

“Unity offered the perfect solution to bring the rich world of Little Orpheus to life. And with Unity’s rapid prototyping capabilities, we could show the Apple Arcade reviewers our ideas almost as soon as we came up with them.” – Louis de Wet, lead programmer at The Chinese Room


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