Create your first digital twin in Unity

This expert-led session shows you how to create digital twins in Unity for your AEC projects. By creating digital twins, you’ll turn your building infrastructure into a series of smart assets – maximizing the efficiency for your project’s operation, management, safety, and sustainability.

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Experience on-demand digital twin scenarios with Furioos

Take a look at how Unity's Brighton office and Plant Facility simulations (allow 1-2 minutes for these simulations to load) ) can be broadcast to and viewed on almost any platform with the power of Furioos – providing maximum visibility to stakeholders and customers, no matter where they are in the world.

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Course: Creating VR applications

Follow up by learning how to design and develop VR applications with this step-by-step guide for creating VR industrial projects.

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Leveraging Unity in the new age of digital twins: Booz Allen Hamilton’s campus project

Using Unity Reflect, Booz Allen Hamilton leverages digital twin technology to help build a hospital campus. They built a 3D digital space for holistic planning, allowing cross-functional teams to visualize, collaborate and identify long-term cost savings. In partnership with Autodesk and Unity, and by combining applications and platforms, this project was extended to multiple different campuses.

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Creating a digital twin with a point cloud environment, 3D CAD and interactive VR training

Creating a digital twin allows users to train safely while simulating hazardous conditions. One technique uses reality-captured environments from laser scans to change and remove components in VR for training in complex and dangerous engineering situations. The digital twin approach is fast becoming the new standard in risk assessment and mitigation.

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