Unity ArtEngine, bringing AI-assisted artistry to material creation workflows

From automotive design and manufacturing to architecture and retail marketing, the need for high-fidelity product visualizations is growing at an exponential rate. ArtEngine leverages emerging research in the worlds of AI and machine learning to empower creators to produce higher quality work faster and with seamlessly endless variations. It’s photorealism made easy, with Unity.

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HDRP template

The High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) helps beginners get started with multiroom lighting setups, physically based lighting intensities, and more. (You can run the HDRP template on your machine by downloading Unity 2020.2 and starting an HDRP project in the Unity Hub.

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Ray tracing with Unity HDRP and NVIDIA

The High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) is the rendering path to choose in Unity to create high-fidelity visuals. Learn more in this all-in-one HDRP resources blog. Plus, see how to harness the ray-tracing capabilities of Unity’s HDRP with NVIDIA, or watch the related on-demand webinar.

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HDRP tutorials on Unity Learn

Unity Learn offers over 60 hours of teaching sessions on HDRP – from bite-sized lessons to deep dives. Explore them all here, and be sure not to miss the “HDRP Material Properties” tutorial.

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Realistic image and video production

Real-time 3D rendering is transforming the way we develop, manufacture and market products. See how studio Light & Shadows partnered with Unity to deliver beautiful real-time 3D experiences.

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Propelling design visualization to new heights

Today’s innovative designers and architects have adopted real-time tools and technology to improve collaboration, speed up iterations, and produce immersive 3D environments that win bids long before the concrete is even poured. Explore this real-time rendered, full-scale 3D model of Unity’s London office, created by VR agency Oneiros and design firm M Moser Associates, and learn how to develop similar lifelike environments using our High Definition Render Pipeline.

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NVIDIA vMaterials plus Unity ArtEngine

Ready to start creating with real-world textures like glass, stone, metal, and fabrics? This session introduces NVIDIA's free vMaterials library, which contains 2,000 physically based materials, and ArtEngine, an easy-to-learn, artist-friendly material authoring tool.

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