Creating 1:1 AR scale buildings

This expert-led session will teach you how to create your own 1:1 AR projection of your project before you break ground.

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HDRP template

The High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) helps beginners get started with multiroom lighting setups, physically-based lighting intensities, and more. You can run the HDRP template on your machine by downloading Unity 2020.2 and starting an HDRP project in the Unity Hub.

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Real-time Design: 3ds Max to Unity

Design, engineer, or construct buildings in VR and allow clients to experience an environment before it exists. Train without being constrained by physical boundaries and iterate across teams before the concrete is even poured.

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VR development: Architecture

In this 4-hour course for beginners, you will learn how to manipulate lighting and make your scenes more dynamic with custom textures and audio elements.

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Powerful libraries for high-fidelity visualization applications

The Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit delivers light mapping and denoising components that empower Unity users to create rich visual experiences across powerful CPU-compute resources on notebooks, workstations, and data centers. This session introduces you to the initiative and technology powering these tools and capabilities.

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Creating simple user interfaces

Learn to create your own simple user interface (UI) with Unity Pro.

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Learn to create custom viewers for Unity Reflect

Enhance interactivity by using Unity Pro to create custom Viewers within Unity Reflect.

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Customizing the Unity Reflect Viewer

Learn to modify the appearance and functionality of the Reflect Viewer to match your company’s style and branding.

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