Your first steps into XR

Dive into Unity’s XR interaction Toolkit and VR Creator Kit and their wide-ranging capabilities. Members of the Unity Education team walk you through the high-level, component-based system for building and extending 3D and UI interactions.

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Project: VR basics

Learn the basics of setting up a VR project and implementing simple interactivity. In these tutorials, you will set up a VR-ready project with the room of your choice, implement locomotion so that users can move around the scene, add and engage with grabbable objects, and set up sockets that objects can snap into.

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VR applications development course

Follow up by focusing on learning how to design and develop VR applications with this step-by-step guide for creating VR industrial projects. Learn to develop prototypes, attempt challenges, and complete quizzes to build and solidify your skillset.

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Introduction to XR: VR, AR, and MR Foundations

In this course, we’ll focus on helping you understand the underlying technologies that came together at critical moments in the history of XR. Plus, you’ll learn how to design and develop your own XR applications with the power of Unity.

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Hand-tracking in XR for industrial applications

Extended reality (XR) is already transforming the industry in domains such as training, immersive and collaborative review, prototyping, and design, freeing us from controller limitations. Check out this talk to explore the many benefits of hand-tracking and learn to create your own applications.

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