Installing the Pixyz Plugin

Installing and activating the Pixyz Plugin is quick and easy. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install the Pixyz Plugin and activate your license.

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3D to Real-time 3D: Improve Workflows & Productivity in Unity

Learn how to import CAD, BIM and point cloud data into Unity Pro using the Pixyz Plugin. Learn about best practices for saving time and automating workflows as you create and deploy interactive 3D applications to devices like the HoloLens 2.

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The Pixyz Studio Interface

Pixyz Studio has a simple, intuitive, and clean layout. Learn how to navigate the Pixyz Studio interface and access the tools you need to prepare your project files for use in Unity.

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Pixyz courses on Unity Learn

Access this list of 16 Pixyz focused courses on Unity Learn. Learn all about Installation, user interface, tesselating meshes, importing assets, and more.

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Improve Workflows and Productivity with Unity and Pixyz

Learn how Unity Pro with the Pixyz Plugin can eliminate repetitive and error prone workflows, accelerate industrial data preparation, and simplify content creation for AR/VR, including HoloLens 2.

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Create custom, and complex colliders using Pixyz

Learn how to create custom and complex colliders using the Pixyz Plugin effortlessly. Plus, explore the physics engines available for Unity. From Physx latest robotics improvements to advanced industrial solutions like XDE (Interact), AGX Dynamics (Algoryx), or the high velocity and high precision engine inside Prespective’s PASS System!

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Importing assets with the Pixyz Plugin

Learn how to import assets with the Pixyz Plugin. Plus, learn how to work with the embedded Import and Post-Processing Settings.

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