Produce stunningly realistic real-time images and videos

Real-time 3D rendering is transforming the way we develop, manufacture and market our products. See how Light & Shadows partners with Unity to deliver real-time 3D results in this interactive presentation. Learn how to quickly import vehicle CAD data directly into Unity and achieve optimal visual fidelity and performance in less time with Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP).

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Auto Showroom Sample Template

Jumpstart the creative process and learn how to showcase your products in high-fidelity environments with physically correct lighting. The Auto Showroom Sample Template is available on Unity 2019 LTS (15f1-19f1) and 2020 LTS – and will be supported on future LTS releases.

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Aston Martin Uses Immersive Technology for the Ultimate Customer Experience

Learn from Lenovo Workstations and Varjo about how next-generation, photorealistic, mixed reality experiences made with Unity are transforming automotive and aerospace design, engineering, and collaborative workflows. See how Aston Martin uses their native CAD data, revolutionary video pass-through, LiDAR, and collaborative mixed reality workstreams to streamline their design and engineering processes – and ultimately enhance their already legendary customer experiences.

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VR Development: Design Visualization for Automotive

Turn concepts into reality with this course on virtual reality (VR) for automotive manufacturing! Equip yourself with the robust set of skills required to achieve success with Unity’s 3D engine. Learn how to build and use virtual reality during the automotive planning phase to evaluate designs and finishes in real-time, familiarize executives with the car, and communicate design and engineering decisions with clients and stakeholders.

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Unity for Auto: From CAD to Unity

Watch Unity's webinar to see how today’s best-in-class CAD-import solution, and real-time rendering tools, can quickly bring great ideas and products to life.

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XR and RT3D in Marketing Strategies

Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) – collectively known as XR – are making waves within the automotive industry. Leading OEMs and suppliers are making substantial investments in XR experiences that complement every stage of the product lifecycle and customer journey. Watch the following webinar and learn how a global market leader in the automotive industry partnered with Hong Kong startup, Visionaries 777, to tackle the ever-growing customer acquisition challenge throughout the digital age.

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Get started with AI-assisted artistry

Access our AI-assisted artisty learning path and teach yourself how to accelerate your graphics game and bring your skills to the next level. Discover Unity Art-Engine and how it can be used in RT3D for automotive and manufacturing.

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