Immersive Training for Plants and Jobsites

Create your own immersive training applications for plants and job sites. Extended reality (XR) training has been shown to speed up learning, increase retention, and reduce errors. Learn how to use Unity’s XR solutions to create your own immersive training applications for plants and job sites - no prior experience needed.

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Guided Maintenance Solutions With Toyota

Toyota is using Unity to revolutionize the world of guided maintenance and repair. See how Koichi Kayano, project leader of Mixed Reality for automotive engineering, uses Unity to develop Toyota’s design, manufacturing, and field service applications. Learn more about how Unity and the Hololens 2 have become essential tools in streamlining vehicle maintenance at Toyota. Explore some of the following courses and tutorials to help jump-start your journey into guided VR training simulations.

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Using digital twins for safety training

In this video, you’ll learn how Interact, a Unity Verified Solutions Partner, enables users to create advanced VR applications directly from 3D data and CAD scan models to build industrial simulations wherever humans are involved (training, maintenance, ergonomics analysis). Learn how its physics engine provides complex simulations, including detecting rigid and flexible body collisions on CAD/point cloud and point cloud visualizations on any VR configuration.

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VR applications development course

Follow up by focusing on learning how to design and develop virtual reality applications with this step-by-step guide for creating VR industrial projects. Learn to develop prototypes, attempt challenges, and complete quizzes to build and solidify your development skills.

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Use Furioos to help simulate hazardous environments

Industry expert Neil Cross (TFI CAD Tips) reviews Furioos, providing his insight into this Unity solution for hosting and streaming interactive VR applications from any type of device at extremely high quality.

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Developing your AR skillset

Start by learning how to design and develop VR applications with this step-by-step guide for creating VR industrial projects. After completing this course, you'll have a solid understanding of how Unity can be used to develop AR applications to help meet your organization’s needs for training and remote assistance.

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Create XR content 10x faster with WEAVR and Unity

Watch this introduction to Pacelab WEAVR – Unity's Verified Solutions Partner product for training and procedural guidance. Quickly develop training and step-by-step guided experiences for AR, VR, mobile, and tablet devices. Learn about applicable use-cases employed by various industries and demonstrate how quick and straightforward it is to build XR content with WEAVR.

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VR at the tip of your fingers with Interact

Empower your team to easily create virtual reality (VR) scenarios. Interact’s accurate physics engine lets you quickly run complex simulations that incorporate body collision detection and ergonomic analysis.

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