How three studios are beating you at bug and error tracking

Programmers who work in DevOps know all too well how time consuming it is to manually analyze crash and error reports during new feature development, game testing, or released play. Understanding issues takes a lot of back and forth between programmers and players who find them, so your team spends more time identifying gameplay-impacting problems than fixing them.

This type of manual crash analysis leads to downtime, lost productivity, and lower quality – and, worst of all, it can damage your reputation among your players.

We’ve identified three studios who are very likely beating you at bug and error tracking, so you can find out exactly how they’re doing it.

Download this e-book to learn how Backtrace helps:

  • Team17 gain more QA time before shipping games
  • Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios heighten player experience
  • Nimble Giant enhance quality assurance

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