Unity for Games

Bugs & automation: The next generation of QA

Debugging is a necessary but tedious process. It improves your chances of launching a successful game, but when you’re toiling away fixing your code, it’s hard not to think, “There are better ways I could be using my time.”

Fortunately, there are many opportunities to optimize your development pipeline, so you can spend less time worrying about catching and squashing every little bug and still go to market with a great game.

This e-book takes a look at error monitoring and reporting from a DevOps standpoint. Learn how you can use better DevOps strategies using it to speed up development, minimize costs, and deliver a better player experience.

Download this e-book to learn:

  • Why bug tracking is crucial
  • Essential KPIs to evaluate and optimize your processes
  • How automating manual processes reduces uncertainty
  • What to look for in an effective automated error monitoring and reporting system
  • The studio-wide benefits of an effective error monitoring pipeline
  • How error monitoring and customer success can work in sync to improve player retention

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