Unity for Games

Nerial’s Card Shark stacks the deck with Unity

How does a boutique indie showcase a noted artist’s hand-drawn style in an immersive 2D multiplatform game? Nerial’s Card Shark explores the history of card tricks through carefully crafted monoprint artwork, all imported, layered, optimized, and brought to life in Unity.

Creating with handmade graphics required some trickery from Nerial’s small team, like loading highly complex 2D assets built with 4K textures and bringing technically disinclined artists into the production process. Fortunately, Nerial had an ace up their sleeve: Unity.

Download this case study to learn how Unity helped Nerial:

  • Cut build size by over 60% (from 3 GB to 0.9 GB)
  • Cut narrative production time by 95% with a sophisticated collaboration extension
  • Build stunning transition scenes in minutes

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