The definitive guide to creating advanced visual effects in Unity

Learn how to use Unity’s complete set of tools for authoring high-fidelity, richly detailed visual effects with the upcoming e-book, The definitive guide to creating advanced visual effects in Unity.

Created by an experienced Unity developer with input from Unity engineers and technical artists, this is our biggest guide ever for developing visual effects. The e-book provides a complete overview of how to use visual effects authoring tools in Unity to create any kind of effect: water and liquid, smoke, fire, explosions, weather, impact, magic, electricity – the only limit is your imagination.

Key topics you’ll learn about include:

  • Using VFX Graph and its multi-level editing features
  • Understanding VFX Graph flow logic
  • Creating gameplay and interactivity with the Visual Effect component
  • Producing particle systems, both with the Built-in Particle System and the VFX Graph
  • Using Shader Graph and VFX Graph together
  • Integrating pipeline tools and third-party software with Unity
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