On-Demand Webinar: Deliver better games, faster – by leveraging next-gen crash and error data

Game crashes and hangs are inevitable. With very few exceptions, every game will crash and hang in the wild, and even the best QA and testing systems won’t catch them all. Especially when your game has millions of users, interacting in millions of environment combinations.

In-house and free game crash management solutions all suffer from the same problems. They have long maintenance cycles, take forever to get new functionality, aren't cross-platform, have different silos of data, and become more of a pain than a solution.

In this webinar, through detailed examples and explanations, you’ll learn about Backtrace’s:

  • Crash data capture capabilities
  • Deduplication and crash groupings
  • Analytics for improving prioritization and investigation
  • Ability to help build workflows for error resolutions and fixes

Provide a better gaming experience to your users by implementing Backtrace to efficiently attack debug time and reduce gameplay-impacting crashes.


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