Digital twin for facility operations

Explore an operational digital twin of a commercial facility in real-time

Discover how you can streamline your security management with an operational digital twin powered by real-time 3D. Try the demo to interact remotely with a connected and intuitive decision-making platform where you can:

  • Explore the facility: Use your mouse to navigate the building’s layout and interact with all connected control access systems (door sensors, card readers, CCTV cameras). View live security alerts as they appear in real-time.
  • Act on security alerts: Click on alerts from the card readers and assess them in real-time via connected CCTV feeds. Follow along with suggested actions to resolve security issues.

To access the facility operations demo, please fill out the form.

Why use digital twins for facility operations


Unlock siloed data

Connect disparate information like asset management systems to see data in context to improve decision-making and resolve operational issues faster.


Real-time insights

Use interactive applications that respond instantly to your queries and get immediate insights about security alerts, CCTV and sensor information, and more.


Enable remote collaboration

Use the same assets that power your digital twin to connect remote workers. Enable better collaboration and ensure that timely, relevant information is served to end users.


Singapore’s facility digital twin

Learn how JTC is optimizing building operations using their Open Digital Platform (ODP) digital twin technology.

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