How Bossa Studios created their high-fidelity adventure game, I Am Fish

How artist-friendly tools helped Bossa Studios create high-fidelity adventure game I Am Fish

Water – in fish bowls, oceans, even downtown streets – is the star of Bossa Studios’s latest puzzler. See how Bossa artists and programmers created I Am Fish using the Unity High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP) to refract and reflect light in a world of water and achieve stunningly realistic effects.

Using Unity’s artist tools for in-Editor creation, their team improved collaboration, solved complex technical tasks, and rapidly iterated to produce their most powerful game yet.

Download this e-book to learn how Unity enabled Bossa Studios artists to:

  • Create their most high-fidelity game to date using HDRP
  • Prototype rapidly with ProBuilder, Polybrush, and Shader Graph
  • Transition accurately between cameras with Cinemachine
  • Configure spectacular water effects
  • Design effects with millions of particles in complex simulations using VFX Graph

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