Immersive Advertising: How augmented and virtual reality experiences are changing marketing

Unity’s Head of AR/VR Advertising and immersive technology expert Tony Parisi shares his insights into how new forms of advertising and storytelling experiences are changing the future of marketing.

Looking at some of the successful experiential campaigns that have offered today’s marketing-savvy digital audiences powerful immersive experiences, this ebook explores how AR and VR are helping brands connect and engage with consumers in a more impactful, emotional and interactive way.

You will learn about:

  • The immersive technology innovations that are driving market readiness today
  • The emergence of next-generation social media platforms that have proven that the audience demand needed for AR and VR to take hold exists
  • Immersive advertising’s early impacts across multiple industries
  • Today’s engaged gaming audience, and the opportunity this presents to marketers, brands and advertisers

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