How KO_OP uses Plastic SCM to accelerate production and reduce chaos

KO_OP is an artist-run studio where all full-time workers are equal owners — each member receives the same pay, and they make design, development, and business decisions as a team. Since its founding in 2012 by studio director Saleem Dabbous and programmer Bronson Zgeb, they’ve been experimenting with games and interactive art using Unity. Production highlights so far include Lara Croft GO expansion Mirror of Spirits, AR/VR-enabled GNOG, and their most recent release, the Apple Arcade game Winding Worlds. They’re currently preparing to launch Goodbye Volcano High, a highly anticipated narrative adventure game.

Co-founder and studio director Saleem Dabbous says, “Plastic is easy to parse. In Plastic, people can jump around the project in ways that won’t be destructive.”

Download the full case study to learn how Plastic SCM helped KO_OP:

  • Align artists and engineers on their production process
  • Gain a panoramic view of workflows, what’s in progress, and what has already been done
  • Transition to approachable, visually rich tools for their artists to collaborate across teams
  • Build their highly anticipated upcoming game, Goodbye Volcano High

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