What’s included

Our team will:

  • Create a real-time 3D asset from your product data.
  • Provide a proof-of-concept application to showcase the asset on your choice of either desktop or mobile (see more below).

Option 1: High-resolution digital photography studio

A desktop application to effortlessly capture photorealistic renders and videos of your product(s) for digital media or print collateral – at a significantly faster rate than CGI offline rendering and traditional photography.

Option 2: Web viewer with real-time 3D model

A web-optimized viewer to interactively explore your product(s) in true-to-life visual quality.

What you’ll get


The fast track into metaverse marketing

Reap the rewards of our years of experience and let our team rise to the challenge of proving that your product data is ready for 3D marketing.


Assurance about your product data

Get confirmation that 3D marketing is possible for your brand, because we’ll use your own product data to create your preferred option.


Powerful proof-of-concept

Seeing your product in 3D with stunning visual quality helps generate the excitement and buy-in you need to accelerate your company’s marketing transformation.


We transform your existing product data into a photorealistic 3D asset rendered in the output of your choice:

  • Web viewer with real-time 3D model: A web-optimized viewer to interactively explore your product(s) in true-to-life visual quality
  • High-resolution digital photography studio: A desktop application to effortlessly capture photorealistic renders and videos of your product(s)

Pricing starts at $65,000 USD. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

First, our sales team will meet with you to better understand your needs and help determine which package is the right fit.

Then, you’ll share your 3D product data with us so our expert team of developers and technical artists can prepare, optimize, and beautify the data for real-time 3D visualization of your product(s) and development of the configurable application.

Once we deliver the application, it’s yours to keep and share as you please.

The entire process from kick-off to delivery takes six weeks or less.

You need to supply your computer-aided design (CAD) or 3D product data. See the accepted data formats.

Shoppers exploring a fully interactive product tend to:

  • Reach a buying decision faster
  • Select higher-value options
  • Gain a better understanding of what they are buying
  • Spend more time connecting with your brand

Embracing real-time 3D is the gateway to more efficient marketing content production and the outcomes listed above, but building 3D marketing production pipelines and workflows is a complex undertaking.

Based on our experience working with B2B businesses and B2C brands, we’ve found that it’s best to begin this process by demonstrating what’s possible with real-time 3D through the production of a visualization of your product(s), which allows others to see the high-fidelity and rendering performance capabilities for themselves.

This tends to generate excitement among decision-makers and paves the way to securing the buy-in you need to scale your 3D marketing efforts. Our expert team can continue to help you at every step, from requirements and planning to infrastructure architecture validation, integrations, automations, and deployment.

Real-time 3D offers the best of both worlds for marketing teams.

It supports advanced media formats like interactive 3D and augmented reality (AR) that connect with consumers in a highly impactful way, ultimately helping drive results like greater engagement and higher sell-through.

It also supports marketers’ needs for traditional media like images and videos, while providing significant speed and cost advantages over common approaches like offline rendering, photoshoots, and productions.

For these reasons and more, brands have been eager to embrace real-time 3D in their production pipelines, particularly those who need to work with complex 3D product data to market products that come in multiple variations, like cars, aircraft, appliances, furniture, and luxury goods.

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  • Review the best pricing and project delivery plan for your company

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