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Megacity is back with a fresh new art-deco look and a host of new tech under the hood.

Megacity Metro answers the community's call for a scalable, high-concurrency, cross-platform demo of our latest technology. Powered by Unity’s Data Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS) and built with Unity Gaming Services (UGS) infrastructure, Megacity Metro showcases performant gameplay wrapped in a fresh art-deco aesthetic. You’ll see a new example of how to integrate the Unity engine with our cloud services in a demo that’s playable on most platforms.

What’s under the hood

  • Unity’s latest multiplayer tech: Navigate a lively cityscape alongside 100+ players demonstrating Multiplay Hosting, Authentication, Matchmaker and Vivox Voice Chat.
  • Synchronized netcode: The Netcode for Entities package delivers smooth and responsive gameplay that is built to scale.
  • Balanced gameplay: Built with server-authoritative mechanics for fair, consistent play.
  • Effortless matchmaking: Connecting with players is straightforward with our intuitive setup.
  • Cross-platform readiness: Play on Mobile, PC, and Mac with graphics powered by the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

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