Making 2D magic with Minute of Islands

How does an art-driven team create remarkable perspective effects in a gripping and emotional 2D puzzle game? To achieve an authentic comic book style that looks illustrated rather than computer-generated, Studio Fizbin gave artists the lead and asked developers to find tools and techniques to make their vision happen.

The Fizbin artists wanted every graphic element of Minute of Islands to look authentically hand-drawn, so they illustrated the entirety of every level – each a mountainous, crannied, full-featured island – as a single, massive image and cut it into 4K graphics. From parsing these files and rapidly prototyping them to optimizing asset streaming and launching on multiple platforms, the developers used a variety of powerful Unity features to reinforce their innovative and unique skills.

Download this case study to learn how Unity helped Studio Fizbin:

  • Improve content with rapid prototyping from contributors at all skill levels
  • Ensure reliable game performance by consistently profiling memory
  • Create four game versions from one code base
  • Optimize live content delivery using the Addressable Asset System
  • Achieve a perspectival look with 2D objects using a Unity-enabled signed distance function (SDF) generator

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