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Monomi Park: Bringing the fun of Slime Rancher to Nintendo Switchâ„¢

Since the launch of the original Slime Rancher in 2017, its legions of fans have had one passionate and (seemingly) simple request: Combine the fun of ranching slimes with the portability of Nintendo Switch.

How does a small but mighty studio answer the call of their community by bringing their Plorts to Nintendo Switch, without compromising gameplay and visual awesomeness? The answer is partnering with the experienced developers on the Unity Accelerate Solutions team.

In this case study, learn how Monomi Park:

  • Bring Slime Rancher to visual parity with the released versions of the game on other platforms.
  • Fix and optimize shaders and adjust content to reduce rendering complexity
  • Reduced the overall memory requirements of Slime Rancher for consoles
  • Achieve a final game performance of 30 fps

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