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Ship better code faster with Backtrace



Automate bug tracking and reporting with Backtrace to capture, understand, and act on game crashes on any platform or engine.




Backtrace automatically captures, symbolicates, dedupes, classifies, prioritizes, and investigates crashes in one interface.

your team’s

Backtrace is fully integrated with daily tools like Slack, Jira, Teams, and Datadog to speed up time to resolution.

at full

Detect and understand the impact of crashes before they happen. Launch with a great player experience and minimize churn.

Save time and resources with Unity support and services

Unity Pro support

Go beyond free online resources with a direct contact method to solve technical issues efficiently with assistance from Unity engineers.


On-demand training

Level up on your own time with self-paced prerecorded courses you can watch as many times as needed.


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