How Unity helped bring Last Stop to four platforms with no compromises

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How Last Stop reached four platforms with no compromises

How does a small team go after the growing Nintendo Switch™ user base without adding project management overhead or cutting gameplay quality? Variable State was concerned about having to maintain multiple code branches, generating different asset sets, and managing a deployment to the Nintendo Switch to expand their multiplatform reach. However, after some experimentation, they combined Unity’s multiplatform capabilities with wise design choices and felt confident keeping the Nintendo Switch version in-house rather than outsourcing.

Developer Terry Kenny credits Unity’s target-platform capabilities for that: “We really didn’t have to compromise on anything important. And to be honest, we were happy to make the compromises that we did make.”

Download this case study to learn how Variable State and Last Stop:

  • Used a single code base to deploy four different platform versions
  • Created cinematic effects from fast camera cuts without keyframing
  • Optimized memory allocations across four platforms
  • Accelerated performance with seamlessly integrated third-party Unity Asset Store packages

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