How to deal with latency in your multiplayer game

Everyone hates laggy gameplay when playing online, but it shouldn’t be seen as an unavoidable part of multiplayer gaming. There is actually quite a lot that you can do to help your players have the smoothest experience possible.

However, between distance between server and clients, packet hops, a server’s tick and update rate, and a plethora of other issues, developers can get buried in technical issues and your players may suddenly find out they were clocked in the head by something they thought was half the map away.

While it is never going to be simple to put together a multiplayer game with a strong and secure online experience, it is absolutely doable and this guide on network latency management will help you lock down the fundamentals.

Download this E-book to get:

  • An overview of network latency and what causes it
  • A comparison between server and client authoritative games and how they affect latency
  • Strategies to solve for latency issues in your multiplayer game

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