Road to the metaverse: Special Edition

How it’s made - TIMI skid loader demo

In this special edition webinar we’ll be going under the hood of our interactive product configurator demo for an imagined skid loader brand. Check out our website to get acquainted with the configurator before the webinar.

Our speakers

John Futscher

Senior Advocate, Unity

Dario De Pol

Senior Project Manager Digital, Sid Lee

Drew Domokos

Host and Advocate, Unity

Hear from our in-house expert, John Futscher, and Dario De Pol, from our creative agency partner, as they walk through the process of creating and deploying our real-time 3D interactive product configurator demonstration.

Get insights on the end-to-end process, including:

  • The benefits of a product configurator, and how Unity makes it easy to build one
  • How to set up Unity Forma in a project
  • Walkthrough of Unity Forma
  • High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) vs Universal Render Pipeline (URP)
  • Render build
  • Deploying to web
  • Integrating the configurator into a website with javascript API
  • Hybrid configurator and on-demand image generator
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