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Creator series

Build a strong foundation and develop your skills with Unity experts during these monthly sessions. Ranging from beginner to advanced, these deep-dives are curated specifically for creators looking to gain the knowledge and skill to succeed in the metaverse.

Road to the Metaverse - Workshop 1: Welcome to the metaverse. Your journey starts here!

Meet your hosts for this journey, and get an understanding of what we’ll be covering across the series. We’ll dive into the mysteries of the metaverse: what it is, why it matters and how you can get involved. In this session you’ll also get an introduction to the Unity Editor, so you’ll be equipped to start your adventure.

Road to the Metaverse – Workshop 2: Prepare your digital assets for real-time 3D, AR and VR

Assets are the foundation for building experiences in Unity. In this session, we showcase how to import popular data formats, tools to capture real-world objects, and the fundamentals of building worlds in Unity.

Road to the Metaverse - Workshop 3: Add interactivity to your immersive experience

Learn how to create behaviors, so users can manipulate objects in your immersive world. In this session, discover how to build logic and interactive systems in a simple way, using visual scripting.

Road to the Metaverse - Workshop 4: How to bring your real-time 3D digital twin data into Unity

Global communication is being redefined for the metaverse. In this session, learn how to integrate data sources, including external sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) data and cloud-based digital twin APIs, to visualize right-time data.

Road to the Metaverse – Workshop 5: Let’s get real: An introduction to AR, VR, MR, XR and more

Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) are rapidly evolving. To understand extended reality (XR), you need an understanding of the technologies that enable it. Learn about the available platforms, hardware and workflows that empower creators to deal with XR as it converges into the metaverse.

Road to the metaverse: Special Edition. How it’s made - TIMI skid loader demo

In this special edition webinar we’ll be going under the hood of our interactive product configurator demo for an imagined skid loader brand.

Road to the Metaverse, Workshop 6: Augmenting reality: Bring digital objects into the real world

Your digital creations can “live” in augmented reality (AR). Learn how to make rich, deeply engaging AR experiences where digital objects interact intelligently with the physical world.

Road to the Metaverse, Workshop 7: Build immersive worlds in virtual reality (VR)

Turn your concept into virtual reality. Learn how to build immersive worlds, create a deeper sense of presence, and add interactions to breathe life into your virtual reality experience.

Road to the Metaverse, Workshop 8: Improve learning retention with immersive training experiences

People learn by doing – in fact, 70% of learning is experiential. Extended reality (XR) learning environments can help improve people’s performance. Learn how to build an immersive training experience from scratch, using Unity’s XR Interactions Toolkit and visual scripting.

Road to the Metaverse, Workshop 9: Build a Microsoft HoloLens experience for training in AR

Training and guidance conducted in augmented reality (AR) can reduce errors and improve knowledge transfer. In this session, learn how to create a guided maintenance experience for HoloLens using the Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit.

Road to the Metaverse, Workshop 10: Integrate cloud-based IoT data into your XR experience

Harness the power of data – from the Internet of Things (IoT) cloud to physics and geolocation. Learn how to bring right-time data into your Unity extended reality (XR) experiences.

Road to the Metaverse, Workshop 11: Masterclass: Build a collaborative multiuser experience

Human beings are social by nature and rely on cooperation to thrive. In this session, learn how to add multiuser capabilities to your Unity immersive experience, explore the available solutions for deploying, and scale for social experiences.

The beginner’s guide to building extended reality (XR) experiences

In this collection of workshops from our Road to the Metaverse: Creator Series, AR/VR experts dive into the skills you need to build immersive extended reality (XR) experiences, using Unity’s tools.

Road to the Metaverse, Workshop 12: Build geolocated and social experiences in AR

Discover the power of geolocated augmented reality (AR) social experiences and learn how to leverage your users’ world location in your Unity apps.

Executive series

Journey with Ryan Peterson, Unity’s VP of professional services, as he and special guests tackle the why and how behind this new era of consumer and social experience. These intimate chats are designed to spark your imagination.

Road to the Metaverse, Executive Series, Episode 7: Virtually Possible, Creating an immersive experience

This special edition will stream to you live from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) building, where Unity vice president Ryan Peterson will meet up in person with NYSE’s Sarah Murphy and Kim Robinson.

Road to the Metaverse, Executive Series, Episode 6: Building the metaverse with Unity Gaming Services (UGS)

In the first episode of the Road to the Metaverse for 2023, Ryan will be joined by the General Manager of Unity’s Gaming Services, Jeff Collins.
Unity Gaming Services (UGS) helps developers create, operate, scale, and monetize their live game using a single modular platform. While UGS was built for game developers, it is also widely used by industrial clients to create custom metaverse and digital twin solutions.

Road to the Metaverse: Executive Series – Metaverse learnings and trends for 2023

In this final episode of the year, Ryan recaps some learnings from 2022.Joining him is Capgemini’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Alexandre Embry, who recently founded their Metaverse-Lab. Together they explore some of the metaverse predictions pervading the media.

Road to the Metaverse, Executive Series, Episode 4: Metaverse avatars and the importance of an interoperable identity

One of the defining factors of the metaverse will be its ability to unify avatars, technology, and economies. In this episode, Unity’s Ryan Peterson talks with Ready Player Me’s CEO, Timmu Tõke, about the importance of building an interoperable identity in an open metaverse, how this will affect monetization, and much more.

Road to the Metaverse, Executive Series, Episode 3: Building successful brands in the metaverse

Unity’s Ryan Peterson and Media.Monks’ SVP, Tim Dillon, discuss what it’s going to take for B2C brands to make it in the metaverse. Tim shares some important lessons from having worked with large consumer brands. Walk away with strategic tips on how to get started, how to leverage real-time 3D technology to make an impact, and more.

Road to the Metaverse, Executive Series, Episode 2: Flying into the metaverse

Join Ryan and Vancouver’s Airport Authority(YVR)’s Chief Innovation Officer, Lynette DuJohn, as they discuss the digital transformation of an airport and how creating YVR’s digital twin will positively serve their employees, passengers, and the community.

Road to the Metaverse, Executive Series, Episode 1: Accelerating into the Metaverse

Ryan Peterson introduces you to the metaverse and Unity’s role in enabling businesses across a range of industries to realize the full potential of their data. Learn about some of the exciting projects that Unity’s professional services team, Accelerate Solutions, has been working on, and take away strategies for your own business. Get answers directly from a Unity exec in a live Q&A.

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