Unity for Real Time Animation: Look inside a project today!

Sherman is an animated short conceived as an end-to-end demonstration of how to use Unity for linear animation, created by the Emmy-award winning team behind Baymax Dreams. Enjoy an exclusive look inside a state-of-the-art real-time project.

You will receive:

  • A comprehensive Readme with best practices and techniques for setting up your project for linear animation in Unity 2018.
  • The full Sherman Unity project and source files (models & animation) to assist you in understanding strategies for layout, lighting and look dev for real-time, as well as how Unity supports industry-standard formats like FBX and Alembic, and tools like Substance and MAYA.
  • The Unity Film Toolbox including full suite of tools for every discipline on an animation production chain.
  • Our packaged Filmic Motion Blur shader, Fur shader and Eye shader ready for use.
  • A pre-configured Starter Template in Unity, designed to give you a starting point for your own film.

This asset should allow you to explore the graphic fidelity and flexibility of Unity and discover how it can unlock creativity as well as time savings.