SouthPAW masters the rogue-lite genre with powerful 2D tools

How do you make a 2D platformer stand out among hundreds of new titles that go to market every day? What does it take to capture the essence of rogue and create a unique gameplay experience that one reviewer calls “polished to a mirror sheen?”

SouthPAW Games turned to the Unity 2D engine and tools like the Tilemap Editor, Pixel Perfect camera, Sprite Atlas, and more to help make Skul: The Hero Slayer an award-winning hit.

Download this case study to learn how SouthPAW Games:

  • Saved hundreds of hours of work by creating Tilemaps visually and intuitively in the 2D Tilemap Editor
  • Achieved performance gains by implementing Tilemaps and Sprite Atlas, turning optimization into a non-issue
  • Let artists iterate without programmers by using custom tools and extensions in the Unity Editor
  • Loaded assets with the Aseprite and PyxelEdit Animation Importer, saving 200 hours in one month alone
  • Kept their pixel art crisp and clear and stable in motion at different resolutions by applying the Unity 2D Pixel Perfect Camera component

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