Build spatial experiences

Quickly start developing for visionOS with thorough documentation, templates, XR tools, and support for unique Apple Vision Pro features.

Bring your existing Unity apps to visionOS

Unity’s cross-platform frameworks like AR Foundation and XR Interaction Toolkit help bring your existing mobile and XR apps to VisionOS without you having to rebuild core functionality.

Develop Shared Space experiences

Reimagine mixed reality experiences that seamlessly blend digital content with the real world around you. Unity's PolySpatial technology enables you to use familiar Unity tools and workflows to develop Shared Space experiences.

Building for a spectrum of immersion

Unity enables a wide range of immersive experiences, from fully immersive to windowed apps.


Mixed reality

Passthrough support enables you to blend digital content with your surroundings to create immersive experiences. Use Unity’s PolySpatial technology to run your content alongside multiple applications while in the Shared Space.


Virtual reality

With Unity, users can leverage familiar workflows to port an existing virtual reality game or create a fully immersive experience, replacing the player’s surroundings with virtual environments.


Windowed apps

Windowed apps are the fastest way to bring your existing iOS games and apps to visionOS without having to redevelop.


Technical documentation

Dive in with documentation and samples for visionOS and build compelling spatial experiences.

Community discussions

Join a community of developers building games and apps for a new frontier of spatial computing.

WWDC sessions

Learn more about creating and bringing beloved Unity games and applications to immersive and fully immersive environments.

Experience Unity’s support for visionOS

Be one of the first to create the next generation of compelling spatial experiences on Apple’s visionOS with familiar Unity authoring tools and workflows. Available on Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise, and Unity Industry.

Get started
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