Tips from indie innovators on getting set up for success


The business of being an indie

You’ve been working on your game for a while, and you’re considering making your passion project a full-time gig. But it’s a big step. How do you know it’s the right time? What’s really at stake? And how do you make it all happen?

Making games is challenging and involves some risk, but thousands of indie devs have been in your shoes, taken the chance, and made incredible games. Hear from some of today’s most inspiring creators who have successfully brought their games to market.

The free roundtable The business of being an indie is now available on-demand. Listen to experts Xalavier Nelson Jr. (Strange Scaffold), Yves Hohler (Broken Arms Games), and Réjon Taylor-Foster (Soft Not Weak) share their experience with and practical advice for:

  • Setting up your studio
  • Securing funding with grants and crowdsourcing
  • Pitching to publishers and journalists
  • Growing a community around your game

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