Unico Studio Case Study

Find out how Unico boosted their KPIs and improved player engagement

After the soft launch of Who Is? 2, the sequel to one of their most popular puzzle games, Unico saw some concerning data. Day one retention was down and session duration was below what they were expecting.

Even after making some changes – they still weren't getting the results they expected.

This is when Unico brought in Unity's Game Consultancy & Analytics team. With their help, Unico was able to turbo charge their game and get the player engagement they were shooting for.

In this case study, learn how Unity helped Unico Studios:

  • See their retention values for day one, three, seven, and 30 improve by approximately 10%.
  • Gain a 9% increase in average engagement time.
  • Attain a 5% increase in engaged sessions per user
  • Achieve 25% increase in-app sales in other games where Unico implemented the changes recommended by Unity.
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