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How Pixel United leveraged Ad Controls to save time and preserve revenue

Unity Ads gave Pixel United the tools for better time management, ease of use, and ways to drive their overall revenue with higher performance results.


Panzerdog makes major gains with Unity’s monetization solutions

How does a small startup acquire the tools and expertise to jump into a competitive market? Discover how Panzerdog leveraged Unity Analytics to measure their monetization metrics early on to thrive regardless of studio size.


What happened when Uken partnered with Unity

Read about how Uken increased engagement, retention lift, and added value for players by aligning their monetization strategy with their core values.

The results with Unity Ads:

10% increase in overall eCPM

for Pixel United

2x ad revenue growth

for Paradyme Games

7% lift on retention

for Uken Games

What studios are saying

“Integrating with Unity Ads saved us time and money because all it took was flipping on a checkbox built within the Unity Editor and a few lines of code to get up and running.”

— Conrad McGee-Stock, User Acquisition Lead, Uken Games

“We don’t need to be monetization experts as Unity streamlines the majority of the work while maximizing our revenue.”

— Andrew Lyons, Director, Paradyme

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