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The future of Unity for AEC

This session will focus on the vision of Unity for AEC, recent updates to our products, and what’s in our roadmap for the future. We will also give an overview of the sessions we have planned over the next few months, what you’ll need to follow along, and answer any questions you have.

Introduction to Unity Pro and Unity Reflect, Part I

Unity allows you to prepare and transfer models into real-time 3D with out-of-the-box support for Revit, SketchUp, and Rhino. Part one of this two-part webinar will teach you how to bring over all of your metadata by importing a model to Unity Pro using Unity Reflect.

Introduction to Unity Pro and Unity Reflect, Part II

In part one of the two-part webinar, you learned how to import a model from Unity Pro using Unity Reflect. In part two, you will learn how to set up lighting, replace materials, change background sky, add post-processing effects, and add custom models from the Asset Store.

Creating a simple UI in Unity

Learn how to create a simple user interface (UI) in Unity Pro. We’ll cover how to utilize user interfaces for custom applications such as sun studies, remapping materials, and light switches.

How to create a custom viewer in Unity Reflect

Unity Reflect comes with real-time viewers for AR, VR, iOS, Android, and PC. You can take viewers to the next level of interactivity by using Unity Pro to create custom viewers for Unity Reflect. This webinar will teach you how to create custom viewers in Unity Reflect by modifying and enhancing the existing functionality.

How to create 1:1 scale on-site with AR

With AR, you can view a building in 1:1 scale on-site before it’s even constructed. Unity Reflect gives teams the ability to view buildings in full scale and make changes anywhere and see it instantly on-site. This webinar will go over how to create 1:1 scale on-site with AR using a custom Revit family to position targets, add your own, and set up a custom viewer.

How to use metadata for construction sequencing and clash detection

Previous webinars in the AEC Digital Series covered how to import your metadata, create a custom viewer, and implement 1:1 scale on-site with AR. To build on top of what you’ve learned, this webinar will go over best practices on how to get the most out of your metadata, including how to set up a project, create and use parameters, display BIM metadata, and how to use it for construction sequencing and clash detection.

AEC best of the Unity Asset Store content and utilities

The Unity Asset Store provides a wide selection of content, materials, and tools to fast track and complete your real-time 3D experiences. This webinar will take a look at assets available on the Unity Asset Store that you can use in your AEC BIM projects. These assets can be used in the Unity Editor and Unity Reflect with the use of your own custom viewer.

New Unity Reflect features: Navisworks integration and cloud hosting

In our new Unity Reflect release, we concentrated on enhancing the user experience and making collaboration in real-time 3D accessible for non-developers, such as designers, building owners, and contractors. This webinar will walk you through all of the new features, including Navisworks support for BIM coordination, project sharing through cloud, and improved navigation and visuals.

Learn more about Unity for AEC

Visit our industry solution page to test out Unity Reflect, read case studies about industry leaders like Mortenson, and get a walkthrough of the power of real-time 3D.

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