On-Demand Webinar

Accelerate Success webinar: “The Unity UI Makeover”

This technical content series is curated and created by Unity’s senior Software Development team, Accelerate Solutions Games.

Watch our two software development leads, Andrea Bobick and Sebastian Hein, as they give a poorly designed user interface an Accelerate Solutions makeover. This on-demand webinar will demonstrate how to create optimized UI elements for your content and will walk you through some of the following tips:

  • How to find out if something is wrong with your UI
  • Dividing canvases and canvas hierarchies
  • Using Mask and RectMask2D components
  • Optimal use of Graphic Raycaster
  • Smart pooling of UI objects and more

This on-demand webinar includes a 45 minute session with our two speakers, in addition to a 15 minute Q&A in the end.

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Meet our hosts:

Andrea Bobick

Lead, Software Development Consulting

Andrea is based in Unity’s HQ in San Francisco. She has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Before joining Unity, Andrea held positions as a tech artist and animator for various established game studios. Andrea specializes in character animation, game development and UI design.

Sebastian Hein

Lead, Software Development Consulting

Sebastian is based in Unity’s Berlin office and is fluent in English and German. With over 10+ years experience leading technical teams, Sebastian also specializes in technical direction and software design and has worked on projects in different areas, such as exhibitions, brand showrooms and VR experiences. When he’s not working at Unity, Sebastian is interested in graphics and rendering topics, movies and analog photography.

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