User interface design and implementation in Unity

User interface (UI) in games is a critical part of the gameplay and visual identity. UI artists and game developers can grow their skills by learning to use UI authoring tools in Unity.

Preregister to receive our upcoming guide, User interface design and implementation in Unity. This 130+ page guide for artists, designers, and developers will show you how to build sophisticated interfaces with Unity’s two UI systems, Unity UI and UI Toolkit.

Written by experienced Unity creators and UI professionals, the e-book provides step-by-step guidance on how to make sophisticated UIs that look great across a wide range of devices.

The key areas covered include:

  • UI design phases
  • UI development phases
  • Asset preparation workflow
  • Designing with Unity UI
  • Designing with the UI Toolkit and responsive layouts
  • Styling with the UI Toolkit
  • Fonts in Unity
  • Walkthrough of the companion demo (see below)

You’ll receive an email with a link to the download page as soon as the e-book is available.

Explore the new UI Toolkit sample project

UI Toolkit Sample – Dragon Crashers is based on this upcoming e-book, and shows you many ways to use the UI Toolkit and UI Builder to create polished UIs. Inspired by the 2D demo Dragon Crashers, it showcases game menus, message boards, shops, gameplay UI, UIs to display character stats, inventory and skills, and much more.

UI Toolkit Sample – Dragon Crashers is available now for free in the Asset Store.


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