Be the first to try Wētā Digital products in BETA

Over the next couple of years, we will be bringing numerous artistry tools to market. From character to compositing, and environment to virtual production, you can register your interest to gain early access to these tools.

Below are our current beta programs; if you wish to register your interest for any, please fill out the contact form.



Virtual Production

Explore our latest tools for TV, film, animation, broadcast, and cinematics, among other experiences, and share feedback directly with the teams developing them.



Ziva Face Trainer

Train character meshes to produce VFX-quality deformations to achieve complex and believable facial animations.



Eddy 3.0

Simulate gaseous phenomena within your scenes; you can work quickly and effectively with smoke, fire, mist, breath, explosions and similar gaseous fluid simulations.

What programs are you interested in -

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